We live in a time of great apostasy, which means that there are a great many undiscerning pastors who will abuse their positions for nefarious ends––all while thinking they are doing the Lord’s work. …

What is it that makes a coffee table and a kitchen table both tables? What is it that makes a Golden Retriever and a German Shepherd both dogs? What is it that makes you and I both human? Table, dog, human: these are all concepts used to unite many particular…

Tom Ascol has once again helped ministry leaders who push ideas inspired by Critical Race Theory to save face through a proclamation about a private phone call.

Before, it was Matt Hall (Provost of Southern Seminary). Now, it is Paul Chitwood (President of the Internation Mission Board).

In both cases…

In a recent Twitter exchange, the prominent Objectivist author, Don Watkins, invited Cody Libolt and me to submit a succinct argument for the existence of God for him to consider. Our discussion on Twitter centered primarily on the topic of whether or not theistic arguments are inherently arbitrary, or inherently…

(This is an addendum to this article)

The original post:

The below FB post was about a number of SBC pastors and professors who were responding to the concerns raised by Dr. Fuller about the teachings of Drs. Hernandez & Pennington at Souther Seminary.

For further elaboration on why I drew these conclusions, see this article:
Renouncing Disgraceful & Underhanded Ways––A Plea to Southern Seminary & Its Defenders

The full screenshots included with the post:

“Setting The Record Straight” — Email Correspondence

(This is an addendum to the article published here)

Below are the screenshots of the email exchange between myself and the elders wherein the “discipline” was officially initiated and escalated. This took place immediately after I met with the two elders in person (the two who had not been in the previous FB Messenger chat).

The order is as follows:

  • My email to the two elders I had met with, summarizing our meeting and seeking clarity on whether they believed I was in sin, what the nature of the sin was, and why they believed it to be sinful.
  • The First Warning from the elders, which was also a response to my email.
  • My response, seeking clarification.
  • The Second Warning from the elders, less than 24 hours after the first warning.

It has been alleged that the growing number of us who sharply oppose presuppositionalism in the Church do so from a position which is novel, naive, ignorant, dishonest, or even disrespectful.

While it is possible that, in any given instance, any one of us may be guilty of any combinations…

As I’ve interacted with various people about the contemporary Social Justice controversy in the Church––from friends, to pastors, to “big-wigs,” to seminary students––I’ve realized that too many seem to have forgotten why Christian stalwarts, like Al Mohler, have the prestigious legacies they have now.

As a way to remind myself…

If you want people to take you seriously when you denounce things like “white supremacy” and “racism,” the first thing you should do is denounce those who have manipulatively redefined those terms.

Anyone worth listening to in the public sphere today knows that those terms have been wildly re-defined in…

Ekimini Uwan (aka @sista_theology) recently spoke at the Sparrow conference on Whiteness as wickedness. As might reasonably be expected, some white people were offended.

If you’re unsure why someone might be offended by this language, you’re probably lying to yourself. …

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